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#WTT First Impressions

- no church in the wild

starts off on some depeche mode shit with that bass line.

who says auto-tune is dead? 

kanye comes in cleaner

damn, this sounds good


salute to 88 keys

- life off

bassline is perfect

beyonce + jay-z + kanye is the supergroup

tabla loop 

- n*ggas in paris

beat sounds like the cover looks

game 6

that shit kray (shouts to jason fried who said people would start saying “kray” about 6 months ago)

the switch u here is nasty

- otis

still sounds soulful but definitely not reflective of the album thus far

but its a good representation of them sharing the stage

- gotta have it

neptunes stole timbaland’s good groove

i’m planking on a million

that was a great exchange btwn the throne

- new day

rza. lovely start

getting personal 

me and the rza connect

prediction: this song will be listened to quite often

- that’s my bitch

finished version of this song is dope

got distracted gchatting with seif.

- welcome to my jungle

man… i’m too zoned out to time any more. 

who gone stop me, huh


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